Here are pointers to videos that accompany the chapters. They provide an overview of key points and discuss how to implement the examples using R.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Categorical data

Chapter 3: Quantitative data

Chapter 4: Comparing groups

Chapter 5: Standard deviation as a ruler and the normal model

Chapter 6: Scatterplots, association, and correlation

Chapter 7: Linear regression

Chapter 8: Regression wisdom

Chapter 9: Re-expressing data and transformations

Chapter 10: Randomness

Chapter 11: Sample surveys

Chapter 12: Experiments and observational studies

Chapter 13: From randomness to probability

Chapter 14: Probability rules

Chapter 15: Random variables (part 1 of 2):

Chapter 15: Random variables (part 2 of 2):

Chapter 16: Probability models

Chapter 17: Sampling distribution models

Chapter 18: Confidence intervals for proportions

Chapter 19: Testing hypotheses about proportions

Chapter 20: Inferences about means

Chapter 21: More about tests and intervals

Chapter 22: Comparing groups

Chapter 23: Paired samples and blocking

Chapter 24: Comparing counts

Chapter 25: Inferences for regression

Chapter 26: Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

Chapter 27: Multifactor analysis of variance

Chapter 28: Multiple regression (part 1 of 2: descriptive models)

Chapter 28: Multiple regression (part 2 of 2: inferential models)

Chapter 29: Multiple regression wisdom